DRAGON`S WIN MULTIPLIER is nearly here!!


WIN FAST is soon about to their brand-new slot, DRAGON`S WIN MULTIPLIER, and it doesn`t disappoint. 

Experience the full power of the legendary dragon in their latest beautiful Chinese dragon themed slot. Search for your fortune in the base game with a whole host of exciting features such as the WIN MULTIPLIER, which can trigger on any win that is at least 5x the bet, and can award up to a x100 multiplier! This is perfect for those of you who love HIGH VOLATILE slots. 

Watch out for the DRAGON`S EYE feature, where the eyes will glow with intense fire and reels that are covered with lightning will be blessed with only HIGH or WILD symbols. With everything wrapped in a classic and gorgeous golden theme, the games visuals and sounds are certainly appealing. 

The DRAGON`S CHANCE feature is another impressive thing in the game, where a giant reel will appear on the main screen. Here, you can win different features or large payouts.

In addition, the DRAGON`S REEL can trigger, with giant symbols landing on the reels with huge payouts. If that wasn’t enough, during the DRAGON`S SPLENDOR Free Spins, there is an increased chance for the DRAGON`S REEL and DRAGON`S EYE features to trigger. 

Not only that, but you can venture deep into the dragon`s lair and experience the SUPER RESPIN JACKPOT feature. The giant roulette wheel will spin and award prizes or a wheel rank up, taking you to even bigger jackpot prizes at the end. 

All these features and more will let you experience the sheer power of this legendary dragon. 

Coming January 2023!


Happy holidays with OIRAN DREAM XMAS!

Happy holidays with OIRAN DREAM XMAS!